Wellness Innovator NUVITA Selects Rosen & Company as Exclusive Metro NYC Agent for Health-Improvement, Cost-Saving Program

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Wellness Innovator NUVITA Selects Rosen & Company as Exclusive Metro NYC Agent for Health-Improvement, Cost-Saving Program
May 30, 2013

ARMONK, N.Y. & ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.—(BUSINESS WIRE)—Nuvita, LLC, the innovative developer of customized results-based employee preventive and wellness solutions that improve health and can affect a business’ productivity and health insurance costs, announced today it selected Rosen & Company, Inc., as exclusive agent for the New York tri-state area. Rosen, a leading insurance and risk management firm, becomes Nuvita’s only agency serving this major metropolitan area.

“This innovative approach to improving individual health and quality of life is right in line with the interests of our personal and corporate clients.”

The Nuvita program has been shown to reduce employee health risks that drive medical costs, as well as improve individual well-being, productivity and esprit de corps. It provides a detailed analysis of a person’s physical, mental and fitness condition; creates customized improvement programs for the participants; connects each one with an expert wellness coach and enables privacy-protected self-monitoring using technologically advanced tracking tools. The Nuvita wellness approach was developed and field-tested in 2008, including by the City of Albuquerque, and at Allied Solutions, headquartered in Indianapolis with offices throughout the U.S.

Stephen Rosen, CEO of Rosen & Company, said: “This innovative approach to improving individual health and quality of life is right in line with the interests of our personal and corporate clients.” Mr. Rosen said the Nuvita program will be rolled out initially for employees of the tri-state office of a major insurance underwriter, one of Rosen’s longstanding agency relationships.

“As baby boomers age,” Mr. Rosen continued, “we find they are looking for ways to feel better and be better, while also coping with the rising cost of medical care and related insurance.” He noted his firm does not write health care insurance policies for its clients.

“However, “ Mr. Rosen said, “we are excited about teaming with Nuvita to offer this unique wellness program, because of how it can help our clients to live longer, better lives, and reduce both individual and corporate risk. We believe that approach and attitude has contributed to our 98% client retention rate, a record we built during our 45 years in business.”

Why Nuvita Picked Rosen

Ron McPhee, president and co-founder of Nuvita, commented: “Now that our next-generation preventive wellness solutions has continually delivered exceptional outcomes over several years and in many industries, it is ready to be rolled out nationally. That’s why we are fortunate to be teaming with Stephen and Sara Rosen and their client-oriented team in the critically important New York, Connecticut and New Jersey markets.” He noted the existence of many fine insurance and risk management firms in the metropolitan area, adding: “When the Rosens decided to implement the program for their own firm, and saw the overwhelmingly favorable impact it had on their team and bottom line, it was a vote of confidence to move forward together. I am convinced we will have a productive partnership, especially as Rosen clients see how, over time, Nuvita will more than pay for itself in both dollars and productivity.”

“We think the Nuvita health and wellness benefits alone are motivation enough for companies to offer our program, as well as for any employee who cares about his or her own well-being,” Mr. McPhee noted. “But when you add the compelling advantage of reducing the health risks of, for example, diabetes, heart disease and stroke, among the participants – the lifestyle diseases that are major drivers of increased health insurance premiums that companies and their employees pay for coverage – we believe Nuvita becomes a must-have for any organization committed to managing costs to stay competitive,” he said.

Achieving One’s “Nuvita Age”

Using privacy-respecting personal attention, advanced technology including specialized electronic wristwatches and smart phones, and inspirational but sensitive coaching, the program begins by fully evaluating an individual, measuring height, weight, body mass index, blood pressure, cardiovascular fitness, strength, flexibility, body composition, and diabetes and heart disease risk. The Nuvita coach then compares that person’s “body age” with actual age and determines what they both see as an attainable, targeted “Nuvita Age.” Then, over an average of 12 weeks, the person and the coach work together, communicating regularly as he or she reaches the targeted Nuvita Age to achieve the person’s health- and fitness-improving goal. Nuvita methods and tools are then used going forward to help the person maintain his or her wellness.

About Nuvita

Nuvita develops industry-leading prevention and wellness solutions enabling people to improve their physical condition, and helping organizations reduce health care utilization that drives health care costs. Founded in 2006, Nuvita’s programs help participants achieve unique personal health and overall wellness goals that effectively reduce the age equivalent of the person’s body. Participants receive individualized coaching and advanced technology to monitor and self-manage personal progress. In addition to today’s newly announced participation in metropolitan New York, Nuvita programs are selectively in use in its headquarters state of New Mexico, and in selected areas of Texas, California and the Midwest.

About Rosen & Company, Inc.

Rosen & Company, founded in 1967, is an independent, second-generation, family-owned-and-managed firm. Rosen provides customized asset protection and risk management via more than a dozen major and specialized underwriters, including Chubb, ACE, AIG, Encompass, Travelers, The Hartford, MetLife, Zurich, Progressive and Tower Group. Clients include individuals, businesses and not-for-profits, primarily in the New York area.


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