Your Industry Insider

We are not just your advisors. We are also your advocates. The custom insurance we craft for you or your business is always designed to maximize coverage and mitigate risk. As your advocate – forceful, smart, and determined – we know how to expedite the resolution and recovery process.

Every member of our staff has over a decade of in-depth industry knowledge. They are skilled in navigating and managing the intricacies of insurance protection in today’s ever-changing and always challenging environment.

“From a logical assessment to tailored coverage, Rosen & Company put coverage together that met all of our needs.”

Here’s how we custom-craft for you:

  • We engage in a thorough due diligence process requesting and offering full disclosure
  • We apply our expertise and vast resources efficiently and without distraction
  • We provide straightforward counsel that allows for confidence in decision making
  • We consistently search for ways to add value through team-based problem solving

Importantly, our commitment to meet your needs comes straight from the top. Our management team is directly involved with operations and service activities. As you acquire new assets that require coverage, or have an occurrence that needs attention, our response is swift, focused, and unrelenting.